The World’s Freshest Coffee – 450g | FREE DELIVERY

World’s top 1% export coffee beans

Kivu Noir Arabica is a superb coffee bean for the connoisseur coffee drinker.

As the freshest coffee in the world, this coffee has consistently been scored as one of the world’s best tasting coffees.

Medium roast = Choose between ground coffee (already crushed) and whole beans.

If you order whole beans, you will need a coffee machine, blender, or grinder to grind the coffee beans to your preferred custom grind and for a better and awesome coffee experience.

Free nationwide delivery in South Africa (delivered within 3 to 5 days)

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Kivu Noir Arabica is a superb coffee bean for the connoisseur coffee drinker. From Africa’s top, multiple award-winning coffee producer comes a unique coffee that grows along the shores of Lake Kivu. Grown and processed in Rwanda from newly harvested Red Bourbon Arabica beans, Kivu noir coffee is in the top 1% of coffee worldwide that scores above 86% on the Speciality Coffee Association Scale.


The World’s Most Superior, Rwandan Red Bourbon Arabica, Medium Roast, Coffee. A premium handcrafted aromatic coffee, with notes of honey, a medley of fruits, nuts, and spices. Made with meticulous attention to detail – resulting in a highest-quality, uniquely African coffee – rich and complex, yet delicate and pure.


In the processing of our coffee, our staff, predominantly women from the local communities, pick and sort the ripe red coffee cherries by hand. They then sift through the cherries after dry milling to remove any that are less than absolutely perfect – because only the best beans are selected to ensure the best possible flavour.

The beans are then roasted by our expert roaster, who tends to the coffee beans as they tumble, swell, and change colour from sage to straw and then chestnut brown. She makes sure to pull them from the hot drum at just the right time, sensitive to the difference that even a few seconds can make. Through this meticulous craft of roasting, tasting, and adjusting, Kivu noir developed the coffee’s rich and unique flavour.

Free nationwide delivery in South Africa

Cup profile:

The coffee has a beautiful aroma (honey, floral, dark chocolate, nut, coriander seeds) sweet with many fruits (orange, grapefruit, apple), spicy (clove-like, blackcurrant, vanilla). Well balanced with medium acidity. The cup is very clean and the aftertaste is extremely smooth. The overall score is 86% on the SCAA scale.


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