Unrefined Harmony
Unrefined Harmony

Unrefined Harmony


We joined The Arts and Crafts Market at Greenlyn in 2019 with our uniquely designed round beach towels.

The one thing we notice after joining the market was that people are looking for gifts for men and UH added a section to keep everyone happy.  We have the Boma and Flippie that are locally manufactured for us in Pretoria.

And to keep the ladies smiling, we knew that we need to offer a handbag range and we added the Vivace Range to our shop.

Due to COVID-19 our winter range need to move to 2021 but we decided to be part of the prevention of this virus!

COVID-19 made us add another product to help keep South Africa safe.  Another steel unit designed and manufactured in Pretoria – PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!

The UH Team still has big dreams and we hope that our customers will join us on this road of discovering new products and new goals.

Our promise and commitment to our customers are to deliver a good product with the best service you can imagine.

Olive and the UH Team

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